Hi everyone,

Since the survey link doesn't seem to be working for everyone, could you respond via email to the following questions instead (remember to hit REPLY, not REPLY TO ALL)?

This is a survey to gauge interest in a programming workshop that would take place later this semester. Please provide your responses by 2/14. At a minimum, please respond to #1 and #2.

  1.  Are you interested in participating in a programming workshop? If so which language(s)? Please indicate all that apply:

     *   Not interested
     *   SAS
     *   R
     *   Python

  1.  When are you available to participate in a workshop? Please indicate all that apply:

     *   Weekday (M-F) before 6pm
     *   Weekend day

  1.  For each of the languages indicated in #1, please indicate your current skill/experience level:

     *   No experience
     *   Beginner (learned in class/used for homework problems)
     *   Intermediate (used for class project or occasionally at work)
     *   Advanced (used for thesis project or regularly at work

  1.  For each of the languages indicated in #1, please indicate any area(s) of application you are especially interested in:

     *   Data cleaning/manipulation
     *   Data visualization
     *   Statistical modeling
     *   Other (please specify):

Thank you!
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Subject: FW: Please forward to statistics graduate students


Please see below.

Hi everyone,

Hope your semester is going well so far! The Statistics Graduate Student Committee is planning to organize a programming workshop focused on SAS/R/Python later this semester. We would like your input in terms of skill level, content, and timing of the workshop. Could you please fill out this survey by 2/14?<>

If you have any questions on the survey/workshop, please email [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Thank you!