JOB TITLE: Operations Research Analyst
COMPANY: 4R Systems (Berwyn, PA)

This position involves leveraging data mining and statistical modeling techniques to contribute in delivering exceptional results for the client in the areas of retail analytics and supply chain. Successful candidates will possess potential in conventional problem solving techniques while exhibiting a strong ability to think creatively. The position will be critical for immediately enhancing 4R’s ability to effectively execute the analytic side of the customer solution. Exceptional analytical skills are crucial to understanding and working with internal team resources. The ability to collaborate enthusiastically while contributing to personal and overall company success will be a determining factor.

 Modeling, Statistics and Analytics - Personally performing tasks as required in client facing situations with urgent deadlines and requirements. Deep theoretical knowledge combined with business insight is crucial. Ability to analyze the client’s data and derive actionable recommendations based on mathematical modeling-based solutions.
 Problem Solving - Must possess the ability and desire to “get their hands dirty” when required. Personal attributes must include flexibility, creativity, enthusiasm and an instinctive yet practical ability to solve problems.
 Client Relationship Management Potential - Position will interface with client based analytical professionals. Must have an acute ability to balance respect for their knowledge and position, credibility enhancement for 4R’s capabilities, recognition of ongoing business opportunities, and intangible factors affecting the overall relationship.

The successful candidate will have strong quantitative ability to analyze business problems. Must have demonstrated ability or potential to:
 Perform data analyses using large datasets and conduct related research
 Create prototype models
 Apply statistical and judgmental tests
 Design cost-effective solution heuristics and procedures
 Verify and test the implementation
 Communicate methodology and results to both technical and non-technical audiences
 Identify business elements that define a client’s problem by asking insightful questions
The role will involve leading efforts to define innovative analytic capabilities to enhance 4R’s retailing analytics software solution, requiring the candidate to have the will and skill to contribute to intellectual thought leadership. The candidate also needs to be willing to be proactive and identify and solve specific customers’ problems. The candidate must possess the highest integrity, be a self-starter, and work equally well in a team or independently.

 Advanced degree in Operations Research, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics, or related field
 Comprehensive background in: mathematical modeling, stochastic processes, data mining and statistical data analysis, forecasting, optimization
 Genuine and passionate appreciation for probability and statistics
 Proficiency with Microsoft Excel
 Knowledge of or willingness to learn SQL and R
 Sincere interest in applying mathematical concepts and methods to solving real-life business problems in the supply chain arena.

Contact: Stefano Alberti, Vice President of Analytics, [log in to unmask]