PhD students:

If you have (even modest) interest in Algorithms, Theory of Computation, or Cryptography, you should definitely consider attending this event. Quantum Computing is considered one of the areas that can shape the landscape of Computing and Science in general (not only CS),  for the next several decades  -- it is one of the "10 Big Ideas" promoted by the National Science Foundation. Being knowledgeable in this area may be a great asset for your career.

Hakan Aydin 

Dr. Hakan Aydin
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FYI - this seems like a good opportunity to learn about Quantum. 

Any students or faculty interested ? 


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Hi Huzefa - 

see below information about the quantum computing working seminar we are organizing this semester. Please forward to all potentially interested students and faculty. 

Thanks a lot!

Maria Emelianenko
Director of Graduate Studies
Director, Industrial Immersion Program
George Mason University
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