Dear PhD Students:

This semester 16 PhD CS students will take the comprehensive exam under the new format, with a written component and an oral component.

The first oral exam is scheduled for Tuesday, February 4. All are welcome to attend. In the new format, the oral exam is public, but only the 
examination committee members may ask questions. Also, the outcome of the exam will be conveyed to the student within a week (not on the exam day).

Dr. Hakan Aydin
Director, PhD Program in Computer Science
George Mason University
Computer Science Department
4400 University Drive - MSN 4A5
Fairfax, VA - 22030
Phone: (703) - 993 3786
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PhD in Computer Science
Oral Comprehensive Exam

Ahmed Bin Zaman

Survey Topic: Optimization via Evolutionary Algorithms for Nonlinear, Multimodal Fitness Landscapes

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
11 AM - ENGR 4801

Examination Committee:

Prof. Zoran Duric (Chair)
Prof. Alex Brodsky
Prof. Amarda Shehu
Prof. Ken DeJong