Dear all,

Below, please find our schedule for the spring.  As a reminder, we pre-circulate all papers for this workshop; I'll send out the papers about a week to ten days before each meeting.  I hope to see you at some/many/all(?) of these.

All best,

Thu, Feb 20, noon to 1 (conference room)  - Jerry Prout, “Chasing Automation”

Mon Feb 24 - 5:30 to 6:30 (Merten Hall 1204)  Sara Collini “Rachael: Enslaved Midwives and the Business of Birth on Early Southern Plantations" (joint session with Early America's Workshop; meets with PhD Colloquium).

Wed Mar 18 -  4:30-5:30 (conference room)  Sam Huneke, “The Morality of the Working Class: Animus and Socialism in East Germany”

Wed Apr 1 - noon to 1 (conference room)  Suzy Smith, “"The National Memorial to the Progress of the Colored Race in America: Elder Michaux and the Commemoration of Slavery in Virginia."

Tue, April 21 - noon to 1 (conference room) Lincoln Mullen, “America’s Public Bible, introduction and chapter 1”