Raise your hand if you've ever seen Top Gun, Crimson Tide or the Hunt for Red October. (OK, so don't actually raise your hand. You're probably reading this at work or while driving and I don't want you to look silly / crash). 

If you've never seen those movies please pull over / quit your job immediately so you can stream them on Netflix.

For everyone else, I'm guessing that when you watched those masterpieces you probably thought to yourself "how cool would it be to actually land on an aircraft carrier... or lead a mutiny on a ballistic missile submarine..."

If so, you're in luck! No, you can't take over a nuclear submarine. But you can get inside one. Because on Saturday, November 23rd, the Center for Security Policy Studies is organizing a trip to Norfolk Naval Air station so Mason students can tour a submarine... a destroyer... and... wait for it... an aircraft carrier. 

This will be an all day event. We will pick students up from the Fairfax and Arlington campuses at zero-dark thirty (7:30 am in academic speak) and will drop everyone off by around 10:00 pm. The tour is free. Breakfast and lunch are included. Participants will only need to bring money to buy dinner, since CSPS will honor an age old Navy tradition by hitting up the Five Guys on base before coming home. 

I'm attaching a flyer with more details and a point of contact in case you have any questions. 

One really important detail: This trip is open to all Mason students. US citizens must bring a drivers license on the tour. US Navy regulations require us to collect a passport number, date of birth and country of origin from all non-US citizens (and dual citizens). And must submit that information by November 9th. 

Space is limited. Like super limited. RSVP here ( https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trip-to-norfolk-naval-station-tickets-80385327679  ). Contact Connor Monie, our CSPS Student Fellow tour leader, with any questions at [log in to unmask]

And I'm pretty sure that the bus trip from Arlington to Norfolk is long enough that we'll have time to watch all three films on the way there and back! 



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