Attached is information from Rebekah Hersch about the NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program.  The deans of both COS and VSE want to strongly encourage faculty from both schools to develop joint MRI proposals.  We are continuing to rapidly add to the research infrastructure in both Fairfax and Prince William, but our research programs require many millions of dollars of additional major equipment.  The NSF MRI program is one of our best opportunities to get external funding for such equipment. COS, VSE, and the Provost are all committed to supporting the best proposals, including related improvements in facilities and cost-share.

Note that the internal due date to Rebekah Hersch for internal consideration is October 16, although that submission does not have to be a complete proposal. We just want enough information to understand the volume and nature of candidate proposals so we can ensure we have strong proposals to submit to the NSF by the January 19, 2020 deadline. Ali and I want to strongly encourage faculty who are going to submit an MRI proposal to meet with us ASAP to discuss the essence of the proposal: what is being requested, why it is critical to Mason, who would be the primary users, what the approximate cost and cost share would be, where it might be housed, and what facilities upgrades/modifications would be necessary to house and operate it successfully.

Please work with Elizabeth Dean to get on our calendars.


Dr. Art Pyster
Associate Dean for Research and Professor
Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University

Director for Strategic Integration
Fellow and Founders Award Recipient
International Council on Systems Engineering