1)  If you are interested in a GTA position for Fall 2019, please let me know ASAP.  We have one opening.  Benefits are:

The main aspects of the Teaching Assistantship position are:
   a) Pays $8750 stipend for one semester.
   b) Time commitment of maximum 20 hrs/week.  Duties include:  attending some GTA training meetings, grading, helping instructors, and holding office hours.
   c) Tuition Grant:  Around $4150 (which covers most of the in-state tuition for 6 credits in the Fall )
   d) You cannot have another full or part-time job.
   e) No healthcare benefits.

2) We also have several grading positions.  This would be in support of STAT 250 which has 4 data analysis assignments per semester.  Rubric for grading provided.  The pay is $15 per hour.  And, total commitment for semester would be max of 60 hours.

Please let me know ASAP as we would like to get the GTA position filed by the end of the week.  The need for graders will not be until several weeks into the semester.  (Note:  If you are a current GTA, you cannot get paid extra for additional grading.)

Dr. Davis