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Subject: FW: GA Position for UNIV Courses & Programs

Of possible interest…

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Subject: GA Position for UNIV Courses & Programs

Hi all,

I hope the last orientation sessions went/are going well and that you all are excited to start the fall semester! We have an opening for a Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership to work with the UNIV 100 Peer Advisors and we would love it if you could help us advertise it to current and incoming graduate students!

Interested applicants can go to our website for more information: https://transitions.gmu.edu/graduate-assistants/ and submit a resume and cover letter by Friday, August 30th. If applicants have any questions, they can email me at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Thank you so much,

Jodi Ross, M.Ed.

Assistant Director for Training and Student Engagement
Mason Care Network
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