Dear all,

Please find below the schedule for the Ph.D. colloquium this fall.  Apart from the trip to the LOC, all meetings are on Mondays at 5:30 in Merten Hall 1202.  All are welcome (though if you want to come to the LOC, please just let me know).


9 September – An Unconference on Strategies for Succeeding in our PhD Program

23 September – Conferences and Professional Organizations: A conversation led by LaQuanda Walters Cooper, Laura Crossley, and Jessica Dauterive

7 October – Tips and Techniques about Research Workflow: A conversation led by Prof. Zach Schrag

28 October – A Tour of the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, NOTE special time: 3-5pm

18 November – prospectus presentations if necessary, or discussion of a (short) article on contemporary academic issues. (If we need such an article, I’ll be asking for suggestions).

2 December – prospectus presentations.