When working with an unfamiliar library, I find it helpful to start with a working example. Then I can try to modify the example to suit my needs. Even if it fails, it gives me information on what the next step is or lets me pose a specific question I can investigate further. Could you use one of the examples included in the repo and modify it? That way you could incrementally transform it and have something working at every point.

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I'm new to ECJ toolkit and required to do a project soon; however I'm still confused with running the ECJ and getting started. It's been a week trying hardly with no significant progress.  So please any one be able to help me out with the questions and confusions I have would be highly appreciated. Im trying to use it with maven (using mvn clean package on the ecj folder) on windows 10 but it always ends with build failure and 20 errors. Adding the dev folder in the ecj folder eliminated 17 of them but 3 still remain. the first one is something related to
Missing required parameter.
PARAMETER: stat.child.0.reference-point
on xor.params

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