Just wanted to clarify what the VSE stipend minimums are for AY19-20 for graduate research assistants.


For PhD students, the minimum stipend is $21,000.  There is no required increase based on subsequent years they hold the position until they reach a point of post-candidacy when it increases to $22,500.

For MS students with GRA positions (GTA positions a different), first year appointments have a minimum stipend of $12,500 and then year 2 and beyond is $13,500.


As always, faculty are able to pay a student a higher rate based on available funding they have associated with their projects.  But they cannot be paid less than the minimums.


Please reach out to myself or Terri and her research administration team with any questions.  I apologize for any confusion about required increases.







Kim Goodwin-Slater

Director of Finance

Volgenau School of Engineering

George Mason University



From: Terri Ann Mancini <[log in to unmask]>
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 5:32 PM
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Subject: Your GRAs on your Grants and Contracts starting this Fall 2019?


Hi Everyone,


It’s that time of the year again when I remind everyone to email us their GRAs being hired on Grants and Contracts this Fall.  Please keep in mind

that our new starting Phds are 21K for the AY, but if a PhD is continuing from the prior AY, their stipend should be $500.00 additional over last
year’s stipend.


Please email the Financial Administrators listed below assigned to your department and copy me.  Please be sure to confirm the Room # where the
student is assigned.   In order to allow for time of processing and contracts to be issued we need this info by August 2, 2019.


Thank you so much!



CS, MECH, Centers:   David Oler

ECE, IST, CEIE:   Jackie Kang

BENG, SEOR, STATS:  Joyce Kong




Terri Mancini, MPA, CRA

Director, Sponsored Research Administration

Volgenau School of Engineering