You using MASON via the Clojure Java Interop that's built-in, correct?

Robert Zupko

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 10:57 PM Abrams, Marshall <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> In one of my models, I implement the interface Propertied, returning a
> Properties object.  This allows me to use inpectors with agents each of
> which is implemented by a series of objects one at a time.  I can then
> double-click on an agent in the GUI and see the field values of the agent
> change as the simulation progresses, even though there is actually a
> different object containing the data in each time step.
> To subclass Properties I'm supposed to have a getDescription method, but
> the returned strings don't seem to be used.  getDescription is called when
> I inspect an agent--if I stick print statements in it, they fire--but I
> don't see any other effect of this method.  The manual mentions there will
> be popup tooltips, but this is in a different context, where one is
> defining bean properties directly and defines a desXyz method to return a
> string description.
> It's conceivable that something is getting messed up because of a conflict
> between Clojure's and MASON's assumptions; I use MASON with Clojure rather
> than Java.   There is another case in which I'm pretty sure that Clojure is
> getting confused by MASON, but it's not important, and I haven't though it
> worth trying to ask for help.  However, I don't think this is a Clojure
> issue, because I don't see tooltips on any of the built-in sample models
> I've looked at, either (but I have only checked a few).
> Should I be seeing tooltips over the field names when I inspect an agent?
> If this is not supposed to work, that's no problem for me.  It would be
> slightly more convenient to skip providing a distinct description for each
> field, so if the descriptions aren't going to be used anyway, I can make
> getDescription return an empty string in all cases.
> Thanks much-
> Marshall
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