From: Kathryn E Agoston
Sent: Thursday, April 4, 2019 3:31:45 PM
To: Sam Lebovic; Emily M Gibson
Subject: Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Sessions Spring 2019 - Please post!

Greetings History/Art History Colleagues,

Please find attached a complete schedule of Fulbright U.S. Student Program information sessions for spring/early summer 2019.  Please share with HIST/ARTHIST graduate students. Both Master’s and PhD students can apply, as well as rising seniors and recent BA and MA alumni.

The new application cycle for Fulbright grants in 2020-21 is now open, and these information sessions will get students up to date on the types of grants offered, eligibility, application process, deadlines, and more.

Please note that there will be two sessions offered at the Arlington campus, plus two at Fairfax and three online info sessions.  Attendance at an info session is MANDATORY for prospective applicants, but any Mason student, alum, or faculty member who simply wishes to learn more is welcome to attend.  I am pasting a blurb below in case it is helpful to you in posting information about the upcoming info sessions in your various calendars, newsletters, and announcements.



Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Sessions Spring 2019

Learn about opportunities to conduct independent research or teach English abroad through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program! Applications for awards in 2020-21 open on April 1, 2019. This program is for rising seniors, graduate students, and recent grads.  U.S. citizenship is required by the national deadline of October 8, 2019.  Information sessions will cover types of awards and destination countries available, eligibility, and application process. Mason is fortunate to have top-notch advising and support for Fulbright applicants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This info session will introduce you to campus resources and provide insights into the makings of a successful Fulbright application. Where will you go?  Prospective applicants and those who simply wish to learn more are welcome!  More information about the Fulbright U.S. Student Program can be found at: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1nBJFL71k1kPn4F8ri3FzS8La40IAKklar4824xa4gwXXTGU4_B3jiMBvS38omf9MBWMKB2k6NimHj_lkqJy_YrVk3_Awff8OEUPhO8ktS3BdJe7t1AVz33J0kYq9CtPSQ0cmquqM5W01ZyiVDlCklhnEY9ewd6-WPN4p1MD9f3rrikPet7T830C1a-8NkkjjCIBGglgsLhgOns00TkdAfGi-0Rf2Ersn-P3jhEr5ubG1p0XknGdXRsxByHGk_N4csrWWNeVFTmK9W_lIeC6CZLr1WteJko_ojbHSYQdAIf5mFGDtp-hTtWi-Cv4uX8mM32gxsl90BCPqR2Sx8jkIh5MSX4lLq2cyMkcIEAXHQk-XWBP9KshNtW492jopsu2n8lMsxflXu70JYQFxLtGXNV6Iy2xu0_NZciWXMosgMGajXRZ4eM0Xe0aTBKNj5E9H1kNx4dsU-MQ_jsPA5cn0pw/https%3A%2F%2Fus.fulbrightonline.org%2F  A complete list of upcoming information sessions, both on campus and online, can be found at GMU’s page within the Fulbright web site OR at http://gradfellows.gmu.edu.


Kay Ágoston, PhD

Director of Graduate Fellowships

George Mason University