I have been involved in several discussion involving software licensing and wanted to relay the gist of those conversations:



Mason purchased a site license for Qualtrics, an online survey tool, last year, and is reviewing use of the software before renewing the license. As of today, the only licenses that I know of in use by the Volgenau School are by five people in our student services department.


If you are using Qualtrics, either through a personal account or through another unit at Mason, please contact me about transferring your account to the VSE group on the campus license so we can justify continued funding for this license.


And please contact me if you or your students need to use Qualtrics for coursework or research so I can create your accounts.


Wolfram Mathematica:

Please let me know if you are using Mathematica for classes and/or research or know of its use in VSE. Mason is currently evaluating that license for renewal.


Other software:

Software license acquisition and renewals are becoming more challenging because of restrictions imposed on us by state and federal regulations. Please allow at least six months for any new software purchases and two months for renewals. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.


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