Dear VSE faculty,

The VSE Grad Affairs Office is creating a three-week research program for hand-picked, foreign, prospective doctoral students in July, 2019, for PhD student recruitment to VSE in January 2020, or fall 2020.  We're calling it the 3DR program.  If you are interested in building your PhD research team through this opportunity, you are invited to the information meeting on Thursday, February 28 at 12:30pm.

What's involved?

Applications are invited from students at hand-picked foreign universities through our international VSE faculty network.  Students who are selected by faculty from the application pool, will join a faculty's research team for three weeks (July 8 through 26).  They will be fully engaged in faculty-directed research during the week, allowing faculty to simultaneously evaluate and recruit high-performing students for return to GMU as PhD students.  On the weekends, we will organize local entertainment and sightseeing to highlight our location.


Students will be responsible for their own airfare and transportation to GMU, visas, and health insurance.  GMU/VSE will organize and cover the cost of student accommodations in GMU dorms, meals, entertainment/sight-seeing, and weekly, catered seminars.   The GMU cost per student is $3500 (independent of VSE Grad Office staff time).  We are working to identify sources of funding, in whole or in part.  The worst case scenario is that faculty and/or their departments will cover the full cost for "their" students which is estimated to be $3500/student, but we're aiming to bring that cost down to $1000/student.

Faculty who are best suited for participating in this summer program:

*         Have anticipated research funding to support new PhD students in 2020.

*         Must be on campus and actively engaged in research in July.

*         Will create research projects that will interest prospective students, and be engaging and rewarding in a 3 week period.

*         Preferably have active research groups in the summer; student recruitment is more effective when visiting students work alongside (happy) existing VSE grad students.

*         Are willing to invest in building partnerships between GMU and foreign institutions.

Information meeting:  Thursday, February 28, from 12:30 to 1:30pm.  Location 2302 Engineering Building.

Deborah J. Goodings, PhD, PEng
Professor and Associate Dean
Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030
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