Dear all,

Many thanks to those of you who have rsvp'd for these meetings.  I'm writing now because we need one or two more students to volunteer for the meetings with Beorn (1/24 at 3:30) and Nichols (1/30 from 4-5).   

I appreciate that you are all busy, but if it is possible to adjust your schedule to squeeze one of these meetings in, I would be very grateful.  Please rsvp to me by this time tomorrow.

Many thanks,


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Subject: Meetings with German history job candidates
Dear All,

As you may know, the department is running two job searches this semester.  As part of the campus visits for the finalists, we have scheduled time for PhD students to meet with the candidates.  This will provide you with a chance to ask them questions, get to know them a little, and then provide feedback to the search committee.  (I'd also encourage you to attend the job talks, details of which will be sent out shortly.)

It is important that a good number of students meet with the candidates, so please make an effort to do so.  It doesn't matter if the subject matter overlaps with your research interests, and you don't need to come to all sessions - your feedback is still important, and your participation very much valued. 

All meetings will be held in the dept conference room; here are the meeting times for the candidates for the first position (in Modern German History).

Beorn 1/24 3:30-4:30;
Huneke1/29 11:15-12:15;
Nichols 1/30 4:00-5:00

Please reply to this email letting me know what sessions you can attend.  Many thanks in advance for your willingness to help out with this,

All best,