Hi Siggy,

So far I understand that to work with ECJ, first, we need to create a parameter file (*.params) and then we need to create our JAVA file (*.java).

After that, it should execute the *.java file using ECJ framework.

My question is that why the *.params files are stored in two different places? For example, 

one in: ecj26/ecj/target/classes/ec/app/coevolve2/coevolve2.params

another in: ecj26/ecj/src/main/resources/ec/app/coevolve2/coevolve2.params

These parameter files stored in two different places are the same with their contents.

For custom program writing: do we also need to create the *.param files and need to store in both src/main/resources .... and target/classes/... folders or in just one place target/classes ... folder?

This is because when we execute the *.java program, in the command section of Eclipse, we use for example, -file ecj26/ecj/target/classes/ec/app/coevolve2/coevolve2.params only and it executes the program successfully.