Have a look at the example applications in ec/app/coevolve1 and coevolve2.
The Java files are in src/main/java and the parameter files are in

In theory, that along with section 7.1 of the manual will tell you all you
need to know.  If anything is unclear, of course, feel free to ask again on
this list!


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> Hi, I am new with ECJ and currently using ECJ26. So far, I configured ECJ
> with Eclipse and able to execute the tutorials (1-4) using the parameter
> files. I need to work with coevolution and I am getting stuck how to start
> with coevolution here. If I read the ECJ manual, it's huge and not getting
> how to set up, execute, and create own coevolution problems with ECJ. Is
> there any easy way to start with ECJ coevolution or any document to guide
> me?


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