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Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports recently ranked Scalia Law #19 among American Law Schools for the scholarly impact of its faculty. These rankings, based on the scholarly output of each school's faculty, are indicative of the expertise our faculty bring to the world, and the classroom, through our research and scholarship.


Here we highlight some recent examples of the many ways Scalia Law faculty are contributing to the study of law and public policy.




Professor Nuno Garoupa

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development &

Faculty Director of Graduate Studies

Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University

3301 Fairfax Drive

Arlington, VA 22201


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Helen M. Alvaré

Putting Children's Interests First in US Family Law and Policy: With Power Comes Responsibility Cambridge University Press (2018) 


"A Children's Rights Perspective Dissent from Obergefell" (March 26, 2018). In Balkin, Jack (Ed.), What Obergefell Should Have Said. Yale University Press Forthcoming



David Bernstein

"The Boundaries of Antidiscrimination Laws" In M. Henderson (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Classical Liberal Thought (pp. 47-55). Cambridge University Press (2018)


"The Due Process Right to Earn a Living: A Brighter Future Ahead?" Yale Law Journal, Vol. 126, p. 287 (December 2016)


"'Substantive' Due Process: It’s Complicated" Texas Law Review, Vol. 95:1 (2016)



Caroline Cecot
"Regulatory Fracture Plugging: Managing Risks to Water from Shale Development" (March 9, 2018). Forthcoming, Texas A&M Law Review
with Michael A. Livermore, "The One-In Two-Out Executive Order is a Zero" University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 154, 2017

with Jayni Hein, "Mineral Royalties: Historical Uses and Justifications" (February 16, 2017). Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum, Vol. 28, No. 1, 2017



Tun-Jen Chiang

"The Information-Forcing Dilemma in Damages Law" William & Mary Law Review, Vol  59:1, p. 81 (2017)


"The Paradox of IP"  Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 30, p. 9 (2017)


"Trolls and Orphans" Boston University Law Review, Vol. 96, p. 691 (2016)



James C. Cooper

"Information and Settlement: Empirical Evidence on Daubert Rulings and Settlement Rates"(August 2017) International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 51, pp. 1-11


"Separation Anxiety" (March 14, 2016). Virginia Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 21, No. 01, 2017; George Mason Legal Studies Research Paper No. LS 15-15


with Joshua D. Wright, "The Missing Role of Economics in FTC Privacy Policy" (January 5, 2017). Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy, Jules Polonetsky, Evan Selinger & Omer Tene, eds., Cambridge University Press (2017)


Eric R. Claeys

"Labor, Exclusion, and Flourishing in Property Law" North Carolina Law Review, Vol.95, p. 413 (2017)


"Intellectual Property and Practical Reason" (Nov. 23, 2017). Jurisprudence, Vol. 9, pp. 251-275 


"Use and the Function of Property" (August 27, 2018). American Journal of Jurisprudence, Vol. 60, Iss. 2 (forthcoming 2018)



Ross E. Davies

"Five Little Lessons in Lawyering from Thurgood Marshall" (May 13, 2018). Oklahoma Law Review, Vol. 70, 2018


"Some Clerical Contributions to Ex Parte Quirin" (June 13, 2016). Green Bag 2d, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 283-325 (2016)


with Cattleya M. Concepcion (editors). The Green Bag Almanac & Reader (2017)



Steven J. Eagle

“Land Use Regulation and Good Intentions” Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law, Vol. 33, pp. 87–144 (2017)


“‘Affordable Housing’ as Metaphor,”  Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol. 44, pp. 301–359 (2017)


“Property Rights After Horne,” NYU Journal of Law & Liberty, Vol. 10, pp. 669–733 (2016)



Nuno Garoupa

"Constitutional Review" The Oxford Handbook of Public Choice, Volume 2 (2018)


with Carlos Gómez Liguerre and Lela Mélon. Legal Origins and the Efficiency Dilemma (2017)


with Ozan O. Varol and Lucia Dalla Pellegrina, "An Empirical Analysis of Judicial Transformation in Turkey" American Journal of Comparative Law Vol. 65 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 187 – 216



Douglas H. Ginsburg
with Jorge Padilla and Koren Wong-Ervin, "Antitrust Analysis Involving Intellectual Property and Standards: Implications from Economics" (February 6, 2018). George Mason Law Review, Forthcoming
with Joshua D. Wright, "The Costs and Benefits of Antitrust Consents" (October 27, 2016). George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 16-42
with Keith Klovers, "Common Sense About Common Ownership" (April 27, 2018). Article to be published in Concurrences Review N° 2-2018; George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 18-09 

Jamil N. Jaffer

"To Promote Non-Proliferation, Kill the Iran Deal Now" Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2018


with Darren M. Dick, “Reauthorization of the FISA Amendments Act: Preserving a Critical National Security Tool While Protecting the Privacy and Civil Liberties of Americans,” NSI Law and & Policy Paper, January 9, 2018


with Justin "Gus" Hurwitz, "Modern Privacy Advocacy: An Approach at War with Privacy Itself?" Regulatory Transparency Project, June 12, 2018



D. Bruce Johnsen

"The Potlatch as Fractional Reserve Banking" Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations, Lexington Books, Terry Anderson ed. (2016) 


with Michel A. Habib, "The Quality-Assuring Role of Mutual Fund Advisory Fees", 1 Intl. Rev. of Law & Econ. 46 (2016) 



Michael I. Krauss

Principles of Products Liability (Concise Hornbook Edition) Thompson-West.  Third edition to be published in December 2018


"Freedom from Control, Freedom from Choice? How Will Tort Law Deal with Autonomous Vehicles?" George Mason Law Review, Vol. 25 (2018)



Robert Leider

"Taming Self-Defense: Using Deadly Force to Prevent Escapes" (August 24, 2017)


Craig Lerner

"Originalism and the Common Law Infancy Defense" American University Law Review, Vol. 67, p.1557 (2018)


"The Trial of Joseph Dotterweich: The Origins of the 'Responsible Corporate Officer' Doctrine" (June 6, 2017). Criminal Law and Philosophy, Vol. 11, 2017  


"The Tower of Babel Revisited: Global Governance as a Problematic Solution to Existential Threats" North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 19, p. 69 (2017)



Nelson Lund

Rousseau’s Rejuvenation of Political Philosophy: A New Introduction Palgrave Macmillan (2016)


"Antonin Scalia and the Dilemma of Constitutional Originalism" (December 5, 2016). Perspectives in Political Science, Forthcoming


"The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Roberts Court" (September 18, 2017). American Federalism and Public Policy, Christopher P. Banks, ed., chap. 2 (2018)

Joyce Lee Malcolm

The Tragedy of Benedict Arnold: An American Life Pegasus Press, (2018)


"The Second Amendment Right to Self-Defence: The Core Freedom in the New Century"The Second Amendment and Gun Control: Freedom, Fear and the American Constitution, Chapter 2, ed. Kevin Yuill, Routledge Press, London, 2017


"Building a Culture of Free Expression on the American College Campus,"  American Council of Trustees and Alumni, April, 2018
Jennifer Mascott
"Who Are 'Officers of the United States'?" (February 2018). Stanford Law Review, Vol. 79, p. 443 (2018)
"Constitutionally Conforming Agency Adjudication" (Fall 2017). Loyola Journal of Regulatory Compliance, Vol. 2, p. 22 (2017)
"The Dictionary as a Specialized Corpus" (May 7, 2018). 2017 BYU Law Review. p. 1557 (2018)

Murat C. Mungan

"Reducing CrimeThrough Expungements" (May 2017). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 137, pp. 398-409


"Over-incarceration and Disenfranchisment" (Sept. 2017). Public Choice, Vol.172, pp. 377-395


"Optimal Preventative Law Enforcement and Stopping Standards" (May 2018). American Law and Economic Review, Vol. 20. Issue 2


Timothy J. Muris

"Bipartisan Patent Reform and Competition Policy" (May 4, 2017) American Enterprise Institute


with Jonathan E. Nuechterlein, "Antitrust in the Internet Era: The Legacy of United States v. A&P" (May 29, 2018). George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 18-15 


with Howard J. Beales, "The Obama FTC Departed from its Predecessors to the Detriment of Consumers"  Antitrust Magazine, Vol. 31, p. 66 (Summer 2017) 



Christopher M. Newman
"Using Things, Defining Property" (September 18, 2017). Property Theory, James Penner & Michael Otsuka, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2018 Forthcoming
"Hohfeld and the Theory of in Rem Rights: An Attempted Mediation" (February 28, 2017). The Legacy of Wesley Hohfeld: Edited Major Works, Select Personal Papers, and Original Commentaries, Shyam Balganesh, Ted Sichelman & Henry Smith eds., Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming 2018


"Vested Use-Privileges in Property and Copyright" (January 10, 2017). Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 30, pp. 75-96, 2017



Jordan Neyland

with C. Shekhar, "How Much is Too Much? Large Termination Fees and Target Distress"(March 2018) Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 88, pp. 97-112


with D.S.Dhaliwal, P.T. Lamoreaux, and L.P Litov, "Shared Auditors in Mergers and Acquisitions" Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 61(1), pp.49-76, (2016)


with Thomas W. Bates and Yolanda Wang, "Financing Acquisitions with Earnouts" (July 27, 2018). Journal of Accounting & Economics (JAE), Forthcoming 



Paolo Saguato
"The Ownership of Clearinghouses: When 'Skin in the Game' Is Not Enough, the Remutualization of Clearinghouses" (May 3, 2017). Yale Journal on Regulation, Vol. 34, No. 601, (2017)

 "The Liquidity Dilemma and the Repo Market: A Two-Step Policy Option to Address the Regulatory Void" (July 20, 2016). Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and Finance, Vol. 22, (2017)



Ilya Somin

Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter 2nd ed., Stanford University Press (2016)


"Federalism and the Roberts Court" (November 28, 2016). Publius: The Journal of Federalism, V. 46, 2016 (Symposium on Federalism Under Obama)


with Iljoong Kim and Hojun Lee, Eminent Domain: A Comparative Perspective Cambridge University Press (2017)



Megan T. Stevenson

"Assessing Risk Assessment in Action" (June 14, 2018). Minnesota Law Review, Vol. 103, Forthcoming.


"Distortion of Justice: How the Inability to Pay Bail Affects Case Outcomes" (July 15, 2018). Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, Forthcoming
with Sandra Mayson, "The Scale of Misdemeanor Justice" (May 2018)  Boston University Law Review, Vol. 98, pp. 731-777 
J.W. Verret
Joshua D. Wright
"Antitrust Provides a More Reasonable Regulatory Framework than Net Neutrality" (August 15, 2017). George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 17-35 
with Lindsey Edwards, "The Death of Antitrust Safe Harbors: Causes and Consequences"(October 10, 2016). George Mason Law Review, Vol. 23, No. 5, 2016
with Elyse Dorsey and Jan Rybnicek, "Hipster Antitrust Meets Public Choice Economics: The Consumer Welfare Standard, Rule of Law, and Rent-Seeking" (April 18, 2018). Competition Policy International Antitrust Chronicle (April 2018); George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 18-20



Todd J. Zywicki

with Peter J. Boettke, Research Handbook on Austrian Law and Economics Edward Elgar, 2017


with Geoffrety A. Manne and Kristian Stout, "Behavioral Law & Economics Goes to Court: The Fundamental Flaws in the Behavioral Law 7 Economics Arguments Against No-Surcharge Laws"  Missouri Law Review, Vol. 82, p. 770 (2017)


with Maxwell Stearns and Thomas Miceli, Law and Economics: Public and Private(Coursebook). West, 2018







Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University
3301 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201






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