Dear MS Biology students,

Registration begins next week --  here are a few notes about the spring 2019 schedule:

Be mindful of the campus where the class is located when you are working out your schedule.  Patriot Web does not differentiate between the two campuses, and will allow you to register for back to back classes at two different campuses!  Unless you can teleport you’ll need to check which campus the class is held on to be sure there is enough travel time.


For NEUR concentration, STAT 560 “Bio-statistical  Methods” is an approved substitution for the STAT 554 course and will work for the statistics requirement.  BIOL 691 DL2 “MATLAB” will also substitute for the statistics requirement in NEUR concentration.


BIOL 715 “Microbial Pathogenesis” meeting day has been changed at the professor’s request, to Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. Science & Tech campus.  BIOL 682 is offered every semester if the two courses conflict in your spring schedule.


Dr. Frank Krueger is offering two online courses that will work for elective credit – both numbered BINF 739 / BIOL 691, “Neurobiology of Decision-Making” and “MATLAB for Brain, Biological, and Cognitive Scientists”.  See Patriot Web for details, and email Dr. Krueger for a copy of the course syllabus.


Any questions please let me or Dr. Baranova know.-


Diane St. Germain


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