Dear Master's students,

To register for thesis or project credits - BIOL 799 or BIOL 798 - you should be at the end of your MS course requirements. Thesis or Project registration is done in the final semester(s).

1) First form a committee made up of 3 graduate faculty with your research advisor / P.I. as the Committee Chair. The Chair of your committee can be from another department, as long as they are graduate faculty at Mason.  Talk with your research advisor / P.I. for suggestions on who may be appropriate candidates for your thesis or project committee.  A list of SSB faculty can be found on  Choose the “Research” link on the left side of the page.


2) Have your committee members sign the Committee Formation form, found on  under "Master’s Students"You should do this in the semester you begin the research.


3) Submit a proposal to your committee for approval ONE SEMESTER AHEAD of your planned BIOL 798 or BIOL 799 registration.  Have your committee members sign the Proposal Approval form and send it to me along with a copy of the approved proposal.  I will get the department and Dean signatures.

Some helpful information is attached.

4)  I will then email you the CRN to register for your credits.


For spring 2019 registration:

submit the Committee Formation form with signatures to my office by Monday November 26

submit a signed Thesis or Project Proposal Approval form by Monday December 17

Do not wait until the last week, because faculty will be gone for winter break after the final exams are graded!


Forms are found on  under "Master’s Students". 

Any questions please let me know.  You must meet the deadlines listed above in order to register for thesis or project credits in spring 2019.


thank you,

Diane St. Germain


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