Dear Master's Students,
The spring 2019 schedule is available for viewing now on Patriot Web, and registration begins November 6.

If you have not yet taken BIOL 690 Intro to Grad Studies, plan to register for it this spring term.  It is one credit, and is required for all concentrations.

If you are in the Neuroscience, Translational & Clinical Research, or Environmental concentrations you may choose coursework outside of BIOL - look for courses under NEUR and EVPP.   If you have questions you may email me, or your faculty advisor, or Dr. Baranova for suggestions.

You will need to plan for Directed Studies registration early !  Use the form found on  under "Master's Students" as a guide to discuss with the professor.  Fill in the form, have the professor sign at the bottom, and send it to me for registration.
Directed Study forms are due to my office no later than Monday December 10 for spring 2019 registration.

Thank you,
Diane St. Germain

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