I won't be going to Stockholm, but I'm willing to serve in some form, if it's useful to you.


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    As you may or may not know, MASON has had a USA National Science Foundation grant under which we've been building a lot of stuff this past year. 
    I am putting together an informal gathering of MASON users to serve as an ad-hoc advisory board for MASON.  If you are attending any FAIM (IJCAI/AAMAS/ICML) workshops in about two weeks at Stockholm -- such as the MABS workshop -- please consider attending this meeting.  We'd very much like to hear from you.
    If you are NOT attending this meeting but would still consent to serve on the board, perhaps we could have a skype-in meeting later, perhaps near the end of August.  
    Please send me email directly ([log in to unmask]) and QUICKLY, indicating your interest in serving on the advisory panel.  It'll be ultra low volume -- like one or two meetings per year, likely online.
    Sean Luke