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With registration opening next week (Tuesday, April 3rd), I just wanted to send a friendly reminder out to please let me know if you need to register for any of the following courses for fall as these enrollments are handled differently than the norm and I need to be made aware of your intent before I can take any action.  Please be sure to meet with your advisor as needed ahead of time for guidance on which course/s apply to your program of study:


Courses set up as Individualized Sections:
Practicum in Digital History – Individualized Section (HIST 795)
Directed Readings – Individualized Section (HIST 796)
Major Field Readings – Individualized Section (HIST 803)
Minor Field Readings – Individualized Section (HIST 804)
In addition to the course number, please provide the number of credits you need, as well as your instructor’s name and Mason email address.  I will complete and submit the enrollment paperwork to the Registrar for you.


Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (HIST 998)
Please provide your dissertation advisor’s name and I will provide you with the Course Reference Number (CRN) you’ll need to enroll yourself into HIST 998 via PatriotWeb. 


Doctoral Dissertation Research (HIST 999)

If you’re enrolling into HIST 999 for spring, you’ll need to email [log in to unmask] directly to request approval and the CRN.

**For those of you that need it, please don’t forget to complete and submit the Doctoral Dissertation Research Full-Time Equivalent Status Form to me before the start of fall classes**


Courses with Controlled Enrollment:

PLEASE NOTE:  BE SURE TO HAVE A “PLAN B” OR BACKUP COURSE/S identified in case either or both of these sections fill!

Clio Wired: History of New Media (HIST 696)
Enrollment is restricted by fall degree status with slots going to PhD students first, then to MA students who need it to graduate in the fall semester.  All other enrollment into any remaining slots is done on a first-come, first-served basis, denoted by the time/date stamp on the email request received.  Please send me an email the day registration opens that includes your G number and your enrollment status and I’ll let you know where you stand.  If approved, I will provide an override for you to enroll yourself via PatriotWeb.


History Doctoral Colloquium (HIST 810)
Please let me know your intent to enroll and I will provide an override for you to enroll yourself via PatriotWeb. 



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