Dear Ph.D. Students,

I wanted to share the criteria that the search committee has been considering regarding the Director of Public Projects search.  You can refer to these skills as you compose your feedback on the candidates:

1)    Digital Humanities Administration:  We are looking for someone who has meaningful experience as a DH administrator.  Someone who has managed a staff, administrated a program or division, and—perhaps most—has experience in grant writing and is creative in looking for new funding sources.  The future of the Center depends on administrative staff who are skillful in these areas.

2)    Digital Humanities Scholarship: We are seeking someone who has a proven track record in DH scholarship and has innovative ideas about how to move forward with his/her DH scholarship in the future.

3)    Traditional Historical Scholarship: We are seeking someone who also has published solid traditional historical scholarship that has been favorably peer-reviewed.  Please note, however, that we envision that the person who earns this position will be evaluated for tenure based on both his/her DH and traditional scholarship.

4)    Public History background: We are seeking someone with a public history background broadly defined.  This can include work at or with museums, but can also include work at libraries or archives that are seeking to engage the public with their collections.  It can also include DH projects that engage the public in some interactive way. 

5)    Teaching: We are seeking someone who is an accomplished teacher and can move into this position and teach DH-inflected courses to undergraduates.

6)    Vision: We are seeking someone who has a vision about how to move the Center forward during a time of transition.  In other words, someone who is imaginative in his/her thinking about the future of DH and RRCHNM's role in this future.


Dr. Smith

Suzanne E. Smith
Professor of History
Internship Director
Department of History and Art History
George Mason University
(703) 993-2147
(703) 993-1251 (fax)

Author of:
To Serve The Living: Funeral Directors and the African American Way of Death
"Dancing in the Street": Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit