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Dear Ph.D. students,

I write to ask for your feedback on our three finalists for the position of Director of Public Projects at RRCHNM.  Our departmental search process involves getting input from as many people as possible.  Since work with RRCHNM staff and doctoral students is central to this appointment, your comments and opinions are critical.  

To facilitate gathering this input and to give you all the option of remaining anonymous, I have spoken with Megan Brett, who has agreed to collect everyone's comments and submit them to me as a PDF file.  If you would rather just e-mail me directly, that is also absolutely fine.  I would like everyone to have the opportunity to give feedback and to send it to me in whichever way feels most comfortable and confidential.  The decision-making process is moving quickly, however, so I must ask that you send all comments to Megan or me no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, Feb. 9.  The committee is meeting early on Monday to make final decisions.

In terms of feedback, I am interested in your perceptions not only of how our finalists might direct the Division of Public Projects, but also how they might serve the doctoral program as a faculty mentor and advocate for DH scholarship and teaching.  PLEASE feel free to be as honest as you can.  The search committee selected three very competitive finalists and each candidate has unique strengths to bring to the position.  For this reason, feedback from the entire department and RRCHNM community is vital as we evaluate the finalists and make our final decision.  

I would also like to thank all of you who have made the time to come to the campus presentations and meetings with the finalists and doctoral students.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone's time is valuable.  But I recognize that graduate students have unique demands on their time and are not compensated in the same way as faculty or staff.  So, thank you again for volunteering to be an active and important part of this process.

Dr. Smith


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