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Subject: FW: Request for your help distributing student survey

Good morning,


I received the email below from the College of Health and Human Services. Whether you pass this on to your graduate students is up to you. The link to share the survey is:


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Laura Powers

Marketing Coordinator

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Subject: Request for your help distributing student survey


Dear Communicators,


I’m reaching out to you in the hope that you can help us distribute a survey to the Mason community. Dr. Lisa Lindley, a faculty member in our Department of Global and Community Health, and one of her OSCAR students, A'isha Sharif, are conducting an online survey of current Mason students (BOTH graduate and undergraduate students aged 18 years and older) to examine their perceptions of and willingness to use sexually transmitted disease (STD) self-testing services if offered on campus.  The survey has received IRB approval and will take students approximately 10 minutes to complete online (they can complete it on a computer, tablet, or smartphone).  In order to get accurate results, we need as many Mason students to complete the survey as possible.  

We would greatly appreciate it if you would please share the survey information with your faculty and students, and encourage as many of your students to participate as possible. If you could also let me know how you distribute it, that would be helpful for our records.


Please find attached to this email 3 different documents that advertise the survey:

1 is a pdf document that can be sent via email listservs (along with the survey link below) and

1 is a jpeg image that can be shared on social media (along with the survey link below) (We are using the hashtag #GetTestedGMU.)

1 is a png image sized to accompany a link on Facebook

Link to the survey:


Here are the links to our posts in case that makes sharing easier:


Thank you so much for your assistance and please let us know if you have any questions at all!





Danielle Hawkins

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