As you all know, in order to complete a minor field (and enroll in HIST-804), you need to submit proposal for approval by the Graduate Committee during the previous semester. This semester, the committee will consider proposals in its April meeting. So, the deadline for submission of proposals is FRIDAY, MARCH 30th.


Please submit proposals--as a single file--to Prof. Sam Lebovic, at [log in to unmask].


Instructions for this process are as follows (as per the program guidelines):


Minor Fields and HIST 804

Suggested steps for organizing and completing a minor field are as follows:

  1. Select a minor field in consultation with your advisor.
  2. Complete 6 credits of coursework pertaining to the minor field you selected. (A student may have earned some or all of these credits before entering the Ph.D. program.)
  3. The semester before you plan to do HIST 804 (Minor Field Readings) you must consult with your advisor to choose a faculty member with whom you wish to work and ask that faculty member to be your instructor for HIST 804 (and also the first reader for your minor field examination).
  4. In consultation with your instructor for HIST 804, draft a brief minor field proposal (typically 1-2 paragraphs) and a bibliography of roughly 50 books, and choose a second reader. Both the first and second readers must approve your proposal and bibliography and sign the Minor Field Proposal Approval Form in time to submit both paper and electronic copies of all three to the Graduate Committee during the semester before you plan to do HIST 804.
  5. Submit your materials to the Graduate Committee for approval. Note that the Committee may ask you to revise your proposal and/or to amend your bibliography.
  6. If the committee approves your proposal, you will enroll in HIST 804 for the following semester. Because HIST 804 is an individualized reading course, you must enroll through the Graduate Office.
  7. You must complete the written minor field examination at the end of the semester in which you are registered.
  8. After you complete your exam, your two readers will complete the Minor Field Examination Form to report your grade.

Cover sheet for the proposal can be found at



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