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Subject: FW: Applied Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Intensive Fieldschool


Of possible interest to those of you with archeological leanings…


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Subject: Applied Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Intensive Fieldschool

The Applied Ground Penetrating Radar Workshop is designed as an intensive 6-day laboratory and field school in all aspects of ground penetrating radar investigation, from theoretical principles to survey design, field preparation, data collection, in depth analysis, report writing, and podium presentation. Our participants, in 2-3 person teams, will learn the theory and methods involved in GPR exploration in various environments. They will familiarize themselves with the GPR instrumentation, in this context the Noggin 500 Unit (Smart Tow – Rough Terrain Configuration) in a simple, urban setting, while locating buried utilities. Once the basics are acquired, our participants will explore a portion of a buried Roman villa, an environment with several specific, well defined targets to be located and mapped. The last three days will be devoted to original research, in a multilayered, target rich environment, ranging in human occupation from pre-Roman to modern periods.

Concurrently, our participants will learn how to manipulate, optimize and analyze in-depth the data collected using SenSoft’s EKKO Project GPR analytical software package, in order to generate professional reports as well as present the research and its results in a scientific manner, in a podium presentation.

Applied Field Geophysics Workshop – GPR Applications

Type: Intensive Laboratory/Field School

Location: Southern Transylvania (Deva region, Hunedoara County), Romania

Excavation Dates: 6 day sessions, from June 3rd to August 18th, 2018 (check website for availability)

Team Size: 3 participants

Web Site:

Contact E-mail: [log in to unmask]

Project Directors: Andre Gonciar (Archaeological Techniques and Research Center – Canada); Isabel Morris (Princeton University)

Program Fee: US$985 per session (it includes full room and board as described on the project web page, lectures, training, all field gear, access to analytical software, local transportation to the sites when needed; not included: travel to and from Romania, medical insurance)

Application Form:

The workshop is designed to be an intensive professional training program. There are no prerequisites. Participants will receive in March preparation articles, book chapters and/or training videos they will have to familiarize themselves with before arriving on site. The program is open to students, volunteers and professionals alike. There is no application deadline: we accept applications as long as we have positions available in the program.

See attached brochure and syllabus for more details.

For comparison purposes, see the 3-day professional training programs offered by North America’s leading GPR companies, Sensors and Software ( ) and GSSI ( )

Andre Gonciar

Director - ArchaeoTek