Dear Everyone:

Good news!  Our Komodo dragon project was selected to be part of STAT MADNESS, a basket-ball like bracket voting extravaganza for great science projects!!  

We are pitted against Utah and we are NECK-AND-NECK!!!  We need your votes by March 1st!

Please vote and promote, retweet, post on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and send it to the most connected folks you know!  

Here's a picture you can use and the link and some suggestions for tweets!

The link to vote is here:

Scroll down to find George Mason University!

Some tweet suggestions are here:

Vote for the Komodo Dragon Lady!  George Mason's Dr. van Hoek and Dr. Bishop's Komodo dragon peptides are in the running for STAT MADNESS! @GMU_COS @DRGNLab

Vote for GMU's Komodo dragon team to win in the STAT MADNESS brackets! @GMU_COS @DRGNLab

Help GMU's Komodo team - vote for Bishop and van Hoek to win the STAT MADNESS competition! @GMU_COS @DRGNLab

Help cool science win at GMU - Vote for Komodo peptides in the STAT MADNESS competition! @GMU_COS @DRGNLab

Vote for Komodo peptides from GMU's Bishop and van Hoek in the STAT MADNESS competition @GMU_COS @DRGNLab

We thank you in advance for your help getting Mason to the next round!

Monique van Hoek

Barney Bishop

Visit our webpage at 


Monique van Hoek, Ph.D., Professor
School of Systems Biology
George Mason University
Manassas, VA 20110