I have a query about ObjectGrid2D(x, y), here is a snippet of code.

 public void buildModel() {
        mySpace = new ObjectGrid2D(45,20);
        agents = new Bag();
        for (int i=0; i<initNumberOfAgents; i++) {
            agents.add(new Agent6(this));
I am creating different size grids in rectangular form with the same amount of cells as the square grid.
The code is a rectangle for 900 cells and the square has x =  30 and y = 30. 

The square cells can all be accessed. I had assumed that a rectangle with x = 20 and y = 45 would work as well.
However it does not. If I place the 20 in the x position then the agents as they fill the grid only fill to y == 19 which is 20 and then jumps to y == 0.

After a while I rearanged the x, y to y, x and once again the agents can access all cells.

I have looked in manual 19 and not found that ObjectGrid2D(x, y) is correct. it will be helpful if it can be confirmed either way.

all the best,