*Toward Human-Centered Programming Language Design*

Software Engineering Seminar
Computer Science Department

Friday, December 15, 10am, ENGR 4201

*Josh Sunshine*

Carnegie Mellon University


Programming languages are a tool for human thought, expression, and work
yet they are principally designed using mathematical and engineering
techniques. In this talk, I will describe how our group has applied
human-centered design techniques --- interviews, participatory design
exercises, and qualitative analysis of developer forums --- in the design
of three research programming systems (Plaid, Glacier, and Obsidian). I
will speak frankly about the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches
and discuss speculative new techniques.


Joshua Sunshine is a Systems Scientist in the Institute for Software
Research in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
His research focuses on programmer productivity, programming language
design, and usability of software components. He completed his PhD in
Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon in 2013. Before that, he spent four
years as a software engineer and technology consultant.


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