The program below is a limited-submission program, and there is an internal deadline of January 8 if you wish to be considered. Stephen

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Subject: W.M. Keck Foundation Research Program Funding Opportunity Announcement
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 18:55:11 +0000
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Dear Colleagues,

The Keck Foundation is soliciting one-page concept papers for their Research Program. Supporting pioneering discoveries in science, engineering and medical research has been the foundationís mandate from the beginning. By funding the high-risk/high-impact work of leading researchers, the foundation is laying the groundwork for new paradigms, technologies and discoveries that will save lives, provide innovative solutions, and add to our understanding of the world. Both Senior and Early Career investigators are encouraged to apply.

The Research Program seeks to benefit humanity by supporting projects in two specific areas: 1) medical research and 2) science and engineering, that are distinctive and novel in their approach, question the prevailing paradigm or have the potential to break new territory in their field.† Historically, grants range from $500,000 - $5,000,000 and are typically $2,000,000 or less.†

Please note, the Keck foundation is interested in research projects that:

†††††††† Focus on important and emerging areas of research

†††††††† Have the potential to develop breakthrough technologies, instrumentation or methodologies

†††††††† Are innovative, distinctive and interdisciplinary

†††††††† Demonstrate a high level of risk due to unconventional approaches, or by challenging the prevailing paradigm

†††††††† Have the potential for transformative impact, such as the founding of a new field of research, the enabling of observations not previously possible, or the altered perception of a previously intractable problem

†††††††† Do not focus on clinical or translational research, treatment trials or research for the sole purpose of drug development

†††††††† Fall outside the mission of public funding agencies

†††††††† Demonstrate that private philanthropy generally, and the W. M. Keck Foundation in particular, is essential to the projectís success

This is a limited submission opportunity (see below). Mason is eligible to submit a total of 8 one-page concepts papers (4 concept papers per category: Science and Engineering and Medical Research) for pre-application counseling which runs January 1- February 15, 2018. However, Mason may only submit 1 Phase I application for the May 1, 2018 deadline.

One-paged concepts for the Research Program should be in 12-point font with 1-inch margins and should include the following:

†††††††† I.††††††††††† Overview (including unique aspects and pilot studies, if any). Must indicate the area of emphasis for project - Medical Research or Science and Engineering); Remember, Keck funds research that has the potential for transformative impact.

†††††† II.††††††††††† Methodologies

†††† III.††††††††††† Key personnel

††† IV.††††††††††† Brief justification for Keck support; that is, why is Keck support is essential to the project

††††† V.††††††††††† Estimated budget (broken down, if possible, by major areas, e.g., personnel, equipment, consumable supplies, etc. (budgets can be rough approximations at this stage)

If there is room, the authors are free to add other details (e.g., background to put the research into perspective, description of the institutionís prominence in the field, etc.). Avoid illustrations in these single-page concept papers Ė the researchers will need all the room for text. If a reference is necessary, abbreviate it as (Science, 323, 45, Ď11). DO NOT USE (Jones et al., 2011).

As this is a limited submission opportunity, you must submit your concept papers to [log in to unmask] by January 8, 2018.† There will be an internal review to determine which applications will be submitted to Keck during the pre-application counseling period.

You can find more information about the Keck Foundation Research Program, including links to selected grant abstracts at

Best regards,


Rebekah K. Hersch, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Research Development

Office of Research Development, Integrity, and Assurance

George Mason University


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