Please excuse me if what I'm looking for is right in front of me and I'm 
missing it.  A pointer would be much appreciated.  I'm deep in the 
quagmire of ECJ documentation and haven't see it yet.

If not, then here's there the issue.

I'm attempting to use ECJ to find math models, hopefully with 
predictability in mind, for economic systems.

If I'm reading this right, ECJ isn't using Polish notation exactly. 
There's a bit of a difference.  The left part of any expression GPs use 
I think has the attribute that it can always be evaluated.  This isn't 
always true for any general Polish string.

But the math is, for us simple humans, represented as what is called 
INFIX notation.  There are plenty of algorithms around to go back and 
forth between INFIX and Polish.  Any math language based compiler does 
it in at least one direction and I've certainly written a few in the 
last 50 years.

Is there, in ECL, any algorithm that translates from INFIX back and 
forth, to the math expression string format that ECJ uses?

Thanks much.