Dear Students,

If you are in the Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (MID) concentration, we will be substituting BIOL 691 / BIOS 710 Vector Borne Diseases with Dr. Bailey,  and BIOS 740 Lab Methods with Dr. Grant as core courses to make up the 12 credits required. Both are offered in spring 2018 semester.


If you have registered for Vaccines or Emerging Infectious Diseases in previous semesters these will also be substituted to make up the required 12 credits in the MID concentration.


Please email Dr. Grant to reserve a spot in the BIOS 740 class, which meets for 4 Mondays in February and also during the entire week of spring break in March.  Dr. Grant recommends that students who are in their first year of study should register for this class.


Thank you,

Diane St. Germain



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