A quick reminder:

CSPS is hosting its third annual leadership tour of the Gettysburg battlefield on Saturday, October 14th. This all-day event is free of charge and open to all Schar School students (friends & family are welcome too). If you're interested in history, decision-making, strategy or civil-military relations, this tour is for you. It's also a great opportunity for first-year students to meet one another outside of the classroom!

Please note that there is a mandatory preparatory lecture before the actual trip. We will post the lecture online for those who can't attend either of the prep sessions in person.

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Upcoming events:

Internship opportunities:

CATO is currently soliciting applications for its paid internship program. You can find more information at cato.org/intern. Several I-SEC graduates and faculty work at CATO. I would be glad to put you in touch if you have more questions.

I hope to see you at one or more of these events! Have a great long weekend!