CS 779 Topics in Resilient and Secure Computer Systems Thursdays 4:30-7:10 pm

Pre-requisites: CS571 or ISA562

Course Outline is available at https://cs.gmu.edu/~asood/CS779/<https://cs.gmu.edu/%7Easood/CS779/>

Course Preview:

Most current Computer Security Architectures adopt reactive approaches that require examination of packets, logs, etc.  There is increasing interest in Resilience and Recovery methods. Recently, other techniques have been developed - one such approach has been developed at GMU.  The focus of this course is on a study of alternate security architectures.  We will explore these approaches, explore how these can be combined in a layered defense and study factors that affect the selection of the architectures.

The course will require active student participation, and we will be reviewing recent papers and reports. Each student will select a topic and produce a paper using two column IEEE formatting.



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Arun Sood, PhD

Professor Computer Science and Director, International Cyber Center, George Mason University

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