I have posted ECJ versions 24 and 25.

ECJ 24 is the legacy version of ECJ.  It's the last remaining changes to ECJ before we started moving to the new version.  If you need backward compatibility, use this.

ECJ 25 is the new version of ECJ.  It's got a number of changes, plus it's got packages for single-state, NEAT, and DOvS. (* note that DOvS is still in preview: its code not quite ready for prime time).

ECJ 25 is not yet out on the repository -- you can only get it via the tarball.  We'll get it moved soon enough.

ECJ 25 is the start of a large number of (non-backward-compatible) changes we're planning for ECJ, so get ready.  And please help us out.  Send us feedback on what you'd like to see and what you don't like.