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·         Upcoming Events at the Volgenau School

·         Mason Campus Cleanup (Wed Apr 19)

·         Funding Opportunity: New Frontiers Data Analysis Program (NASA)

·         Funding Opportunity: Biological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials (NSF)

·         Funding Opportunity:  Broad Agency Announcement (US Army)

·         Peter Paris, Cameron Nowzari, Jill Nelson, & Brian Mark Receive Funding from NSF

·         Mark Pullen & Nick Clark Receive Funding from NATO

·         Hemant Purohit Receives Funding from Western Norway Research Institute




This Week at the Volgenau School


Last week Mason held its Annual University Day Service Awards honoring faculty and staff with employment anniversaries (5 years, 10 years, etc.).  I attended the “Gold Day” event on behalf of the Volgenau School, honoring 20 through 50 years of service.


This year, for the first time, Mason had a 50-year veteran, Donald Gallehr of the English Department.  The Volgenau School can’t compete with that, perhaps because we are only 32 years old, but a number of our people were honored on Gold Day:

20 years:

·         Giorgio Ascoli (Bioengineering)

·         Avrama Blackwell (Bioenginering)

·         Juan Cebral (Bioengineering)

·         Nicole Holiday (Dean’s Office)

·         David Nordstrom (Computer Science)

·         Bob Simon (Computer Science)

25 years:

·         Yariv Ephraim (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

·         Mark Houck (Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering)

·         Peter Paris (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

30 years:

·         Len Adelman (Systems Engineering & Operations Research)

·         Larry Kerschberg (Computer Science)

·         Arun Sood (Computer Science)

During the event there were features on what was going on when the honorees were hired.  I’ve been here 29 years, so I could reminisce through a lot of the anniversaries.


Some of the items were easy to recall.  Our School has moved through several buildings since I came, buildings that may have been renovated but that are still around.  I see them as I go to meetings around campus.  So the old photos may be a little faded, and the trees aren’t as big, but I get daily reminders of the history of the university just by walking around.


But in other ways my memory of the past is distorted.  I seem to take recent experiences and extrapolating backward.  As I go back further in time, the errors magnify.  It’s hard to recall what it was like when the university was so much smaller.  Day by day the changes can be hard to notice, so you adapt to them almost without noticing.  But at events like this it is startling to be reminded at how far the university has come in a short time.


In case you are curious, here is a list of the VSE honorees from “Green Day”:

5 years:

·         Max Albanese (Information Sciences & Technology)

·         Laura Kosoglu (Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering)

·         Bob Osgood (Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)

·         Carolina Salvador Morales (Bioengineering)

·         Mark Snyder (Computer Science)

·         Kenneth Strazzeri (Statistics)

·         Jie Xu (Systems Engineering & Operations Research Department)

10 years:

·         Guoqing Diao (Statistics)

·         Cheryl How (Information Sciences and Technology Department)

·         Phyllis Johnson (Dean’s Office)

·         Jens-Peter Kaps (Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)

·         Jyh-Ming Lien (Computer Science)

·         Matthew Lilius (Dean’s Office)

·         Ryan Lucas (Computer Science)

·         Toshiko Uchiyama (Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)

·         Ye Wang (Information Sciences and Technology Department)

15 years:

·         Hakan Aydin (Computer Science Department)

·         Jonathan Goldman (Dean’s Office)

·         Anne Hamill (Computer Science Department)



VSE in the News

Here is a list of news stories about VSE that have been posted:


Beyond Mason

·         Washington Post: Mason-NOVA dual enrollment transfer agreement streamlines transfer experience 

·         Northern Virginia Magazine: References Washington Post about Nova partnership story with a link.

·         AmStat News: Profile of Volgenau’s M.S. in data analytics engineering


On the Volgenau site (

·         Basketball season ends, but the game’s not over for this PhD student and his research. David Hughes’ research looks at new model for basketball coaches to use when substituting players.

·         Making smartphones smarter. Rahul Murmuria designed intelligence into smartphones, so that they can continuously give users a trust score that represents the probability that users are actually behaving like they normally do. The technology will help prevent misuse of data.

·         ECE students create Active Shooter Tactical Response Assistant (ASTRA) to identify and track gunshots. A team of ECE students developed a that system can discern gunshots from other sounds and also localize the shot  


If you have suggestions for other stories, please submit them to Martha Bushong, [log in to unmask].


Photo of the Week

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Students from the Department Mechanical Engineering display their senior design project, a portable wind turbine.




Upcoming Events at the Volgenau School


Whether you're looking for a specific event or browsing, our calendar lets you know what’s happening at Volgenau. Here is a sample of what’s coming in the next several weeks. For more information visit our calendar on the web. From this page you can share the event on social media, get updates, forward to friends, or save it to your own calendar.


April 10, 1:00 p.m. – Examination of Wicked Problem-National Security Implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution

April 10, 5:30 p.m. – Undergraduate Research Celebration

April 15, noon – 6 p.m. – Alumni Gathering at The Winery at Bull Run

April 17, 1 p.m. – Empirical Support for C2 Agility Theory

April 18, 7:00 p.m. – Cybersecurity Innovation Forum

April 21, 2:30 p.m. – Dr. Cook’s Retirement Party


For information on getting your event posted via 25Live, please visit




Mason Campus Cleanup (Wed Apr 19)


[I received this message from Tom Calhoun in Facilities.]


Facilities is going to take a few hours on Wednesday morning, April 19th to focus on campus cleanup.  I am treating this as an all-hands effort in Facilities.   We’ve done this several times in my 10+ years here when the campus has shown signs of a rough winter.  Now we’ve made it an annual event in advance of major spring orientation visits.  So we’ll devote the morning of April 19th (8:30 – 10:30) and send teams around the campus with gloves, garbage bags, etc. cleaning up.  Again, this is not just our maintenance crews.  It’s everyone in Facilities.  FYI there is also a student group that is conducting stream bed cleanup on April 21st.


I would like to invite you and your staffs to participate with us to the extent possible.  Chief among the good reasons to do this is to focus on putting our best foot forward when prospective students and their parents visit campus the following Saturday.  But there are other benefits:

·         Conveys sense of commitment

·         Team building

·         Well-being: in addition to improving the environment of our campus, you’ll get a lot of steps.  Think “Who’s Walking Wednesday” with a purpose.


So please encourage your staffs to participate.  Those interested should meet in front of the Facilities building at 8:30 on the 19th.  If you can give us a sense for how many you think will participate, we’ll make sure we have enough gloves and bags.  Anyone can send an email to Emeka ([log in to unmask]) with a rough head count.  For those of you who have participated in Student Government’s Night Walk, we’ll assign groups to areas of the campus.  I encourage people to wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty.  Jeans and long sleeve shirts are good choices for times you may have to walk in the bushes to retrieve trash.


It’s really a rewarding couple of hours.  It always amazes me how much trash we collect. Thanks for help spreading the word.


Thomas G. Calhoun, P.E.

VP, Facilities

George Mason University




Funding Opportunity: New Frontiers Data Analysis Program (NASA)


Opportunity Title:  ROSES 2016: New Frontiers Data Analysis Program

Sponsor:  National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Deadline Date:  03-May-2017

Program URL:


Synopsis:  The sponsor offers this program to solicit research proposals to conduct scientific investigations utilizing or enhancing the utilization of data obtained by the New Frontiers missions. For the purposes of this solicitation, “data” is understood to include both uncalibrated and calibrated data, as well as higher-order data products produced from the mission data. Science investigations may include the use of data from any spacecraft not supported by a separate Planetary Science Division Data Analysis Program.




Funding Opportunity: Biological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials (NSF)


Sponsor:  Directorate for Engineering/NSF

Program URL :


Synopsis:  The goal of the Biological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials program is to support research to advance fundamental and quantitative understanding of the interactions of biological and environmental media with nanomaterials and nanosystems. Materials of interest include one- to three-dimensional nanostructures, heterogeneous nano-bio hybrid assemblies, and other nanoparticles. Such nanomaterials and systems frequently exhibit novel physical, chemical, and biological behavior in living systems and environmental matrices as compared to the bulk scale. This program supports research that explores the interaction of nanomaterials in biological and environmental media.




Funding Opportunity:  Broad Agency Announcement (US Army)


Opportunity Title:  Army Research Laboratory Broad Agency Announcement for Basic and Applied Scientific Research

Sponsor:  Department of the Army

Sponsor Number:  W911NF-17-S-0003

Program URL:


Topics of interest include:

·         Real-time, scalable data analytics

·         Modeling of complex systems

·         Distributed simulation, integration, & interoperability

·         Acting Intelligently in a Dynamic Battlefield of Information, Agents, and Humans

·         Sensing and Information Fusion for Advanced Indications and Warnings

·         Networking and communications in contested and austere environments




Peter Paris, Cameron Nowzari, Jill Nelson, & Brian Mark Receive Funding from NSF


Peter Paris, Cameron Nowzari, Jill Nelson, & Brian Mark of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department received $100K from the National Science Foundation for their project, “EAGER: SC2: Efficient, Collaborative Spectrum Sharing through a Systems and Optimal Control Approach.”




Mark Pullen & Nick Clark Receive Funding from NATO


Mark Pullen & Nick Clark of the C4I & Cyber Center received $21K from NATO for their project, “C2SIM Sandbox.”




Hemant Purohit Receives Funding from Western Norway Research Institute


Hemant Purohit of the Information Sciences and Technology Department received $23K from Western Norway Research Institute for his project, “Transnational Partnership for Excellent Research and Education in Big Data and Emergency Management.”




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