Hi Everyone,


I hope you’re having a great spring semester, but it’s that time again to think about Summer.  We need to have summer pay info by May 3, 2017, at

the latest.


Please email me and copy Joyce and David if you want to be paid from your grants this summer.   The summer time pay periods start 5/25/17 and runs

until 8/24/17.  There are six pays to a total summer; two for a month and four for two months.  Please also let us know about your GRAs and/or wages personnel, also.


When you email, please be sure to detail the period of when you want to be paid (i.e., 5/25 – 6/24, the first month, etc.) which should be when you’re doing

the effort.


Thank you!







Terri Mancini, MPA

Director, Sponsored Research Administration

Volgenau School of Engineering

George Mason University

4400 University Boulevard, MS 4A3

Fairfax, VA  22030

703-993-9550 PH

703-993-9641 FAX