Dear Colleagues,

This email is to invite you to vote for the one additional representative to the GMU Faculty Senate from our School.  The term will be for 3 years, starting from this fall. Please vote for one person only.

The current nominees from the Volglenau School for this open Faculty Senate seat are:

________Aditya Johri – Information Science and Technology

________Burak Tanyu – Civil Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

________Mohan Venigalla - Civil Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

There are two methods for voting:

1. Directly reply to this email (reply to [log in to unmask]).

2. Print this email ballot and submit it in a closed envelop to Michele Pieper (Computer Science Department, 4300 Nguyen Engineering Building) with your name printed on the outside of the envelope. Michele will separate the envelope from the ballots and pass the ballots on to me.

The deadline for submitting a vote is noon on Friday, May 5, 2017.


Songqing Chen
VSE Secretary
Songqing Chen, Ph.D.
Dept. of Computer Science
George Mason University