Hi Everyone,

I have had several emails regarding ECE 681 and therefore I am sending this email to clarify the course requirements as currently what we have in the catalogue is not correct.

This is an industry level course, where you learn ASIC design tools from Synopsys and Cadence. We don't have much theoretical discussions and the course mostly covers practical aspect of VLSI design.

This email is to clarify that ECE 681 prerequisite and co-requisite listed on the catalogue needs to be updated.

Currently we have:  Recommended Prerequisite: ECE 545 and Recommended Co-requisite: ECE 586, or permission of instructor.

However as long as you have minimum knowledge of verilog or vhdl programming, you should be fine taking this course, as the course does not require any programming in VHDL or Verilog.

You can just stop by my office and get the signature to waive these unnecessary prerequisite. There are currently 17 enrolled in the course, and the capacity is just 24, so hurry up if you want to take the course.


Houman Homayoun
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Computer Science (Courtesy Appointment)
George Mason University
Engineering Building, 3223
(703) 993-5430 (office)