Good Morning Everyone,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21st will be a statewide tornado drill at 9:45 am.  A Mason Alert will be sent at approximately 9:35am to initiate the drill and test the Mason Alert System.  Participation is optional.

In the event of a tornado,

*         Seek shelter in the nearest building

*         Use stairs to reach the lowest level of the building

*         Take shelter in an interior space that has no windows

*         Do NOT use elevators

*         If possible, bring your cell phone

In the Nguyen Engineering Building, seek shelter in the following areas:

*         1st floor

o   Jajodia Auditorium

o   All classrooms on the corridor of rooms 1103-1109

*         If unable to get to the 1st floor get to the lowest level possible and find an interior space with no windows (hallway, stairwell, storage room, bathroom, or office)

*         Use furniture or other features that can be used to protect you from falling debris

For further information, the EHS Guide to Tornado/Severe Weather can be found at the link below:

All the best,

Joyce Rose
Operations Manager
Nguyen Engineering Building, Suite 5100
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