The Dean's office is trying to compile a list of VSE faculty and staff 
who are members of university-level committees or groups.  We are not 
provided with this information by the university.

If you are a member of such a group, please send me a message with the 
information.  For a few groups (see list below) I know the membership, 
so if you are included in the lists below you don't need to tell me 
about that.

Thank you. Stephen Nash

Groups/Committees that I know about

Term Faculty Task Force
- Girum Urgessa
- Laurence Braqy

Faculty Senate
- Girum Urgessa
- Danny Menasce
- Larry Kerschberg
- Bijan Jabbari
- Dimitrios Ioannou
- Alok Berry

Staff Senate
- Susan Brionez


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