Welcome to Mason.  Just a couple of things, so you need to read this email.

Office Hours:
Bob Osgood
Thursday 2-5 PM Engr 3255
Saturday 8-9 AM Engr 5358

Provisional Students: If your Mason acceptance letter was provisional, please make sure to complete your provisional requirements.  Failure to do so will prevent you from graduating.  If you have questions about your provisional contract, please come in and see me (Bring your contract).

Processing Forms @ Mason:
As with all organizations, we are slaves to our administrative processes.  Just about all of you will, at one point, need to file some form(s).  Most  forms can be found on the Registrar's Office forms link:

Make sure that you keep copies of any forms that you file.

Most forms will require that you physically come in because they need signatures and need to be physically routed.  Forms take time to process so please allow for the time lag.

Provide all documentation with your form at the time you submit your form.  Failure  to so will prevent us from processing your form.

Withdrawal from a class:
Monday, 1/30/2017, is the last day to add/drop a class without some penalty.  If during the semester, you run into a challenge and need to withdraw from a class, please do so before the semester ends.  Contact Catherine Courtney (DAEN) or Toshiko Uchiyama (CFRS) should you need to withdraw from a class.  If you wait until the final to do you, we will not be able to help you.

I hope you have a great semester.

Bob Osgood (SSA FBI - Retired)
Director - Computer Forensics & Data Analytics
George Mason University
Engr 3255
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