Thanks, Sean,

setGridModulus did exactly what I wanted.
Used: setGridLineFraction(1/32.0)
         OvalPortrayal2D(, 1/1.5D) 
See Solved.png.

Re: 2. I already had the revised Border amendment. 
I am just advising you of the following and don't expect you to do anything about it.
Investigated a bit further and I will probably start afresh as I am getting strange behaviour as shown in Double_in_the_Frame.png.
If I step the sim it looks as expected, when I run it I can see duplication inside the Display frame. A secondary console counter is shown one step behind the primary console. Also, a Grid is shown underneath the primary one out of synch by two grid lines. Strange!
Re the Border edges, I can get them up to ObjectGrid2D( 45, 40) after this they just do not appear.

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