Here are the three files.
If I initialise and then step singly it works completely as expected.
However, if I initialise and then run that is when we see the duplication
in the display frame.
My system info is: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393
                   JAVA jdk1.8.0_31

The pause does not work as yet but will do in due course.

Kind regards,


On 27 January 2017 at 18:35, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On Jan 27, 2017, at 4:44 PM, Stewart Aitken <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > If I step the sim it looks as expected, when I run it I can see
> duplication inside the Display frame. A secondary console counter is shown
> one step behind the primary console. Also, a Grid is shown underneath the
> primary one out of synch by two grid lines. Strange!
> Ugh, it looks like yet another Java environment bug, tickled by something
> MASON is doing that's probably perfectly legitimate.  :-(  Can you tell me
> what OS, OS version, and Java version you're running?
> > Re the Border edges, I can get them up to ObjectGrid2D( 45, 40) after
> this they just do not appear.
> Get me a revised version and I'll try it out on my Mac and see if it
> happens here as well.
> Sean