Thanks for asking, Stewart.  It doesn’t make any difference whether I setBorder for snipe-field-portrayal, mushroom-field-portrayal, or both.  In all three cases I get left and top borders that seem to extend infinitely down and right.  Shrinking the scale leaves the appearance of the “borders" unchanged, although the insides of the field portryals eventually become too small to see.

There’s a pure Java illustration here (with one portrayal only):

I’m also exploring hexagonal portrayals, which don’t asupport setBorder, and having a border isn’t crucial in any case, but it’s kind of a nice addition if it’s available.


On Dec 20, 2016, at 3:46 AM, Stewart Aitken <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


Can I ask, what happens if you only set the border for either the snipe or the mushroom instead of setting them both?



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Hi everyone,

I’m displaying an ObjectGrid2D using an ObjectGridPortrayal2D.  I tried turning on the border with setBorder(true), and what I’m getting is a upper border line that extends infinitely to the right, and a left border line that extends infinitely down, but no right or bottom border lines.  I can see where the right and bottom borders should go because I can see where the agents are present/not present.  If I turn on grid lines, they show where the grid portrayal ends as well.  Looked through the manual and the classdocs for something I’m not doing, etc., but haven’t yet found anything.  I poked around a little bit in the MASON source for ObjectGridPortral2D, FieldPortrayal2D, and DrawInfo2D, but nothing jumped out at me as an explanation or as a possible bug, but I don’t understand the code very well.

Any ideas about why this would be happening?



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