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> Iím displaying an ObjectGrid2D using an ObjectGridPortrayal2D.  I tried turning on the border with setBorder(true), and what Iím getting is a upper border line that extends infinitely to the right, and a left border line that extends infinitely down, but no right or bottom border lines.  I can see where the right and bottom borders should go because I can see where the agents are present/not present.  If I turn on grid lines, they show where the grid portrayal ends as well.  

This is a *bad* time for me to be looking at this, as I'm leaving for Italy on sabbatical in three days.  :-(  But it sounds to me like in fact you're getting a border line on the right and bottom, but it's *just* beyond the window.  Alternatively, it could be that for some reason info.draw.width and info.draw.height are set to absurdly large values (the drawBorder code looks just fine).  Neither of these things make sense though.   

Could you put together a _minimal_ example of the problem?  I might be able to look at it on the plane.  Also what happens when you do drawGrid -- does the grid get drawn properly?  It should be simple to fix, but time is tight.